Monday, July 03, 2006

Invitation: e-discussion on digital art curators YASMIN

LEONARDO/OLATS Announces Discussion of Mediterranean Region Digital Education Issues on YASMIN On YASMIN (, Ricardo Mbarak of Beirut, Lebanon will organize an e-discussion during the month of July about the following topics: 1 - What are the needs (material, cultural, etc.) of digital art educators in Mediterranean Rim countries, especially in Northern Africa and in the Middle East? 2 - Discussion of the context of these countries--the differences compared to the situation in southern Europe (socio-political and technological environment, etc) 3 - The difficulties encountered when teaching digital art in these specific contexts (censorships, economy, religions, etc) A number of invited guests will be leading the discussion. If you would like to participate in the YASMIN discussion, please subscribe to the Yasmin list: (go to "subscription" and follow instructions) YASMIN is a network of artists, scientists, engineers and scholars around the Mediterranean Region and is co-sponsored by Leonardo/OLATS. Leonardo Journal also invites texts for publication consideration on these topics: Author instructions are available at Discussants include: TAREK ATOUI: Electroacoustic/electronic musician; TEEMU LEINONEN: Researcher and developer of web-based learning; NAT MULLER: Independent curator, critic; AHMAD H. NASRI: Professor in computer graphics and chair of the computer science department, American University of Beirut, Lebanon; YASMINE TAAN: Assistant Professor in the Graphic Design program at the Lebanese American University